Our Vision: when you open Scripture, you’ll discover a single story with a single hero. From Genesis to Revelation, you’ll read a single story about a broken world and broken individuals and the devastating lengths to which God goes to bring wholeness and healing to our hearts and this world (and the devastating depths we face without him). He does all this through his Son, Jesus.

Celebrate the Adopting Love of Jesus

​​In any community, there are people living as orphans, cut off from others and feeling alone. But in the gospel, Christ adopts us into his family – a new family – humanity renewed and remade. Perhaps more than anything else, the city needs healthy families, and that’s just what Christ plants there when he plants the church. At New City, we celebrate the adopting love of Jesus.​​

Building a Deep Church

Christ is our Prophet, Priest and King, and Christ shapes His church in His own likeness. A deep church is one that looks like and is shaped by Him.

Serving Our Neighborhoods, Our City, and the World

The church is both a source and locus of mission. We train and equip men and women to take the Gospel in word and deed to the world, starting in our local neighborhoods and city. Our weekly services are also places where the gospel is spread as non-Christians are present and participate in our corporate worship.

Our Mission: New City strives to be a cross-cultural church that is both committed to the city of South Bend and engages the local university communities.

Cross Cultural

​The gospel of Jesus is the same good news for different ethnicities, different economic classes, different genders. The possibility of a city that is truly united – where education, age, race, gender, economic class aren’t forces that divide us – captures our imaginations at New City, just as it did Paul in his letter to the Ephesian church.


New City is committed to loving and serving South Bend. We especially want to serve our neighborhoods, many of which are in poorer parts of the city. Our strategy involves various ministries and outreaches throughout the week but without a doubt, the most important things a church does are still gathering to celebrate the gospel of Jesus weekly in Word and Sacrament, sharing it with and serving others during the week, and trusting the Lord to do his work.


New City is committed to making disciples in our university communities: undergrads, graduate students, faculty, and staff. We want everyone to hear the good news about what Jesus has done for us and what life looks like as disciples in His kingdom. We want to build bridges between the City and the University that will last. We want to explore the unifying power of the Gospel – to pursue God’s plan “to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ” (Eph. 1.10).