High Gospel. Deep Church. Those are two of our commitments at New City: a high view of the gospel and a deep view of the church. The gospel isn’t just something we believe (though it’s definitely that!). It’s also God’s power for salvation to those who believe. It’s something that shapes what we love and how we live. In fact, there are rhythms to the gospel – and we try to capture some of those rhythms when we gather for worship.

Three basic rhythms characterize our gathered worship.


God calls us to worship Him. So we read some Scripture where God invites us into His presence, and sing several songs that focus on who God is and what He has done.


When we encounter God in His glory and holiness, it’s exciting, but it’s also sobering. We become aware of our faults, sins, and brokenness. The grace of the gospel gives us freedom to fully own our sin, confess it in prayer, and receive assurance of God’s pardon. We then receive God’s Word as it’s preached and then applied by the Spirit.


Having heard the Word preached, we respond by celebrating Communion together, declaring our unity in Christ and with the rest of the Church, singing and praying, sacrificially giving of our finances, and then receiving God’s Word of blessing and benediction.

These rhythms are present in all our services, and they should also characterize the rest of our lives. In this way, our worship services also train and shape us as Christians. Here is some more information about our service:

Where do you meet?

​We currently meet right downtown at 401 S. Main St., South Bend, IN 46601 in the former City Chapel building with the blue awning out front.

What should I wear?

​New City is pretty informal. Jeans and t-shirts are common, though if you want to dress up, you wouldn’t be the only one.

How long is your service?

Our services run about 80 minutes. We currently meet Sundays from 10:30-12:00.

What do you have for kids?

​During our worship service, we have nursery care for kids under 3 and children’s worship for kids up through age 6. On Saturday mornings, we do Bible clubs for kids in the neighborhood.

What if I’m not a Christian? Am I welcome to attend?

We fully expect that some people who attend New City will have doubts and questions about Christianity and what the Bible teaches. We won’t look down on people who disagree with us about these issues. Instead, we’re eager to sit down to have an actual discussion about our differences and why we believe what we believe, especially about the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We provide a safe place for that kind of discussion to happen, and we welcome everyone to it.