Our Vision

When you open scripture, you'll discover a single story with a single hero. From Genesis to Revelation, you'll read a single story about a broken world and broken individuals and the devastating lengths to which God goes to bring wholeness and healing to our hearts and this world (and the devastating depths we face without him). He does all this through his son, Jesus.

A New Record

Through faith in Jesus, we are brought into his family and united to him. And when that happens we get a new past, a new record, a new legal standing. That Jesus faces judgment for us on the Cross is good news for those outside the church and means that at New City, we want to talk to those outside the church about what Jesus has done and invite them to repent and believe.

A New Heart

We receive a new heart (e.g., Ez. 36.26) and are also brought to life by the Spirit, by whom we cry ‘Abba Father’. This means that Christ has broken the power of cancelled sin in our lives and frees us to live lives of radical transformation, lives of free children, empowered by His Spirit. This is good news for those inside the church and means that at New City, we care deeply about spiritual growth within our community.